Our recruitment process

From searching for job offers to shining during job interviews, each step in the hiring process can seem like a daunting challenge. At BNP Paribas, we make recruiting an enjoyable experience. A moment of discussion and true exchange in which our applicants are never judged, but evaluated based on their skills. 

Equal chances and opportunities for all

During the recruitment process (and at every step in their careers), all of our employees benefit from an equal playing field. They have access to the same level of information concerning job openings, while we always evaluate their skills and qualifications in total objectivity. Our human resources approach is rooted in a strong principle: diversity. In other words, we welcome people from every background so that our company represents the diversity of our society.

Recruiting in a way that respects local circumstances

Of course, we conduct our recruiting and career management processes in a way that respects local circumstances including specific labor market conditions that we cannot ignore, special regulatory requirements in place within each country, etc. All of our sites and locations are also managed in a way that respects our own values – outlined by general management and our employees in the BNP Paribas Way – and promotes diversity and equal opportunity!

How does the recruitment process work?

The number of steps may vary, depending on the job concerned, but we always conduct at least two interviews. Some roles may involve more interviews and/or tests. But don’t panic, it’s just to make sure we understand each other perfectly.

So you are ready to apply. But how can you maximise your chances of success? We have a few tips to help you confidently prepare for the BNP Paribas recruitment process:

What makes a good CV?

A good CV is one that immediately makes clear your level of experience and skills as they relate to the job you’re applying for. Although it’s important to highlight your hard skills, don’t forget to tell us about your soft skills as well, because we see those as equally important. For example: are you adaptable or a team player?

Another good tip

Update your professionnal online presence with assignments or projects you’ve completed and skills you’ve gained. Don’t hesitate to ask former colleagues for recommendations, because these endorsements can be very persuasive with recruitment teams.

Your interview has been scheduled, but what is the best way to prepare?

Regardless of your individual profile, it’s important to be well prepared for your interview and maximise your chances of success. If you feel well prepared for your interview, you’ll arrive feeling more confident and be able to give honest and factual answers to the questions you’re asked, which are designed to help us understand who you are and what are your motivations for applying.

Before the interview

Practice by talking about real-life situations to illustrate your abilities in every skill listed in the job description. Be specific: describe a problem you’ve tackled or a project you’ve been involved in, explaining the level of your contribution or responsibility and the results achieved. And don’t forget to find out more about our Group by browsing our website… It’s always more positive to chat with people who already know something about us and what we do!

During the interview

Remember that an interview is primarily a conversation! So, of course, you have to be able to tell us about your background concisely and enthusiastically. Show us why the job you’re applying for is the right job for you. Most importantly, you should always ask questions to show us how interested you are in the role and demonstrate your professionalism. This will also help you make your choice. There are no taboos when it comes to questions so please be upfront and ask what you would like to know.. It’s important to be clear to avoid potential frustrations later.

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